Edit an Active Assessment

When you log in to your Kira account, you have the ability to edit certain aspects of your Kira assessments. You can edit:

  • Preparation times
  • Response times
  • Video transcription
  • Add a Welcome Video
  • Add a Closing Video

(See "Preview and Edit an Assessment" for more details)

Once an assessment is active, you can no longer make changes to the assessment yourself. An Active Assessment refers to an assessment that students have been invited to it and at least one applicant has completed.

It is not generally recommended to make changes to an assessment mid-cycle. The reason is that students could end up with different experiences and thus may yield different results. It can make it difficult to compare students’ Kira assessments at the end of your cycle if they completed the assessment under different parameters.

If it is necessary to make a change to an assessment mid-cycle, you will need to contact your Client Success Manager. Such changes include:

  • Editing preparation and response times mid-cycle
  • Creating new competencies
  • Changing the order that students encounter the questions
  • Adding new questions videos