Invite New Users

Adding New Team Users

1. To add more users from your team, first, log in to your Kira account (

2. Click on your user menu in the top right-hand corner, click  Settings, and choose the Team tab from the next page.

3. Scroll to the permission level that you want to add (i.e. Administrator, Staff or Reviewer). Enter the email address of the new user, and click: Send Invite. The new user will receive an email notifying them to set up their account.

4. To re-send a user invite, click Resend Invitation under the email address. 

Staff User Permissions

When you're inviting a Staff user, you can give them access to specific assessments only. After you invite the user, click " Access to (x) assessments" and click on the assessment(s) from the drop-down menu. You can make changes to these permissions at any time.