Reviewer Progress Dashboard

How do I find my Reviewer Progress Dashboard?

1. Click Analytics at the top of your main Kira page, then click Reviewer Progress.

2. From here, choose a relevant assessment from the dropdown menu:

What information is available to me?

Your Reviewer Progress table contains the following (sortable) columns:

  • Reviewers: The reviewer's full name
  • Assigned: The number of applicants the reviewer has been assigned to review for this assessment
  • Reviewed: The number of applicants the reviewer has fully reviewed
  • Remaining: The number of applicants the reviewer has left to review of their assigned batch
  • Last Review: The date when the reviewer was last active

What can I do with this information?

With this table, you can gather quick insights into the current status of your reviewers. You can easily see which reviewers are being over or underutilized, who's behind on completing reviews, and who's ready to be assigned more applicants.

For instance, let's sort our table by Remaining (ie: putting the reviewers with the least amount of remaining applicants at the top).

Who is ready for more applicants?

From the table above, I can see that Kana Shishikura and Luckner Jean-Baptiste have completed their assigned reviews. I can, therefore, assume that they're ready for a new batch of applicants. (More info on assigning applicants here).

Who will need more applicants soon?

John Mahama is making their way through their assigned applicants and might be ready for a new batch in a few days. I'll check back then.

Who is potentially overutilized?

I can see that Melanie Ballyk has been assigned significantly more applicants than anyone else. With this information, I could decide to give Kyle a break until the rest of my reviewers catch up.

Who needs a gentle reminder?

It appears that Melanie Ballyk falling behind on their assigned applicants. With this information, I would send them a quick email (outside of Kira) to remind them about their assignments. Check out this article for more information on sending reviewer reminder emails directly from this table.

Who may not be engaged anymore?

Looking further into John Mahama, this table may highlight a red flag for us. He only been assigned a small number of applicants and has only reviewed one of them. He also has not been active since November 4th. If he no longer is engaged in the reviewing process, it may be time to assign his applicants to another reviewer. Our Client Success team can help you with this re-assignment :)

More Information

If you have any questions about our Reviewer Progress Dashboard, please contact our Client Success team.