Invite Email Body Template

The below copy is intended to be used as a template for the assessment invite emails, sent via the Kira Talent platform. Edit to match your tone, style, and add any other relevant information.

To learn more about how to edit the email copy of an assessment, click  here.

Email Invite Copy

Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to apply to the [Program Name] at [School/Institution Name]!

This year, we’re including a video assessment as part of our online application process. We’re excited to get to meet you virtually. You’ll see that we’ve recorded the questions ourselves, and you’ll be able to get a sense of our culture and values as well as what we're looking for in our top candidates.

The value we get, in addition to your traditional application, is to virtually meet you, get a sense of your personality and potential, and see how well you think on your feet. This has proven to be a helpful strategy for us and our applicants, as it is both time-efficient and meaningful.

The process is simple. You will be asked a question, given prep time, and a set amount of time to respond. It should only take 20-30 minutes to complete, and can be done on your own time.

You will require a desktop or laptop computer with a functioning webcam, microphone, and internet connection. The system allows for unlimited practice sessions, but once you start the formal assessment questions - you only get one chance. This allows us to see your candid responses.

You can register now and complete your assessment later. For more detailed information on the assessment process, proceed by clicking the ‘Check In’ button below!

Option 1: Please complete your assessment within [1 or 2] weeks of receiving this invitation.

Option 2: Please complete your assessment before [day, month, date] at [time + time zone].

For technical support inquiries regarding your online assessment, please click the ‘Need help?’ button on your Check In page for Kira's FAQs and support, or email

For inquiries regarding the status of your application, please contact: [Admissions email here].

We thank you again, and best of luck on your application!