Understand the Integrity Summary

Our Integrity feature in Kira uses different metrics to flag an applicant as someone who “Needs Attention”. This orange "Needs Attention" flag looks like this on the applicant list:


Finding the Integrity Summary

You can find an applicant's Integrity Summary under the "Results" tab at the top of their Review Page. The dashboard includes the following metrics:

  1. Number of browser refreshes (unaccounted for by technical issues)
  2. Total time to complete assessment
  3. Typing speed (wpm = words per minute)
  4. Number of recorded technical issues (webcam, microphone, or internet connection issues)

You can hover over any of the metric headings to understand more about how they're calculated. Here's an example:


When the recorded measurement for Browser Refreshes and Typing Speed is higher than normal, the applicant will be flagged as "Needs Attention" for Admin and Staff users in Kira.

If an applicant is flagged because of frequent browser refreshes, this may indicate they were trying to restart the question(s) they were given.

If an applicant is flagged because of an abnormally high typing speed, this may be an indication that they copy and pasted pre-written content into Kira.

Overall, we flag applicants for you who might have tried to give themselves an advantage over other applicants. Based on these metrics and the applicant’s responses (do the responses seem too scripted? Does the written response look copy/pasted?), you can either label them as Suspicious (this will change the "Needs Attention" flag to "Marked as Suspicious"), or you can dismiss the alert.

Why is my applicant's "Total time spent completing assessment" value so high?

An applicant may have a high “total time spent completing assessment” for a few reasons:

1) They experienced a technical issue

If an applicant is completing their assessment and experiences a technical issue that requires them to close their browser or update their internet connection, webcam, or microphone - they may navigate away from Kira for an extended period of time.

The timer will continue to count during this time away from Kira. 

2) They stopped between questions

While all information that applicants receive tells them that they have to complete the assessment in one sitting, it is technically possible to pause or take time between questions. This feature exists so that applicants with genuine technical issues do not get locked out of the platform when trying to resolve their technical issues.

If you have any questions about this feature, or about a specific applicant’s integrity summary please reach out to the Kira Talent Client Success Team at success@kiratalent.com