Adding Questions and Competencies

You can add and change the questions and competencies used in your circuits in two different ways:

  1. Click the three dots, then select “Edit Questions and Competencies.”

  1. Choose “Edit circuit options,” and then click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

Using either method, you will then see the options to add a question and competency to be selected. Only one question may be selected for each station, but you can assign multiple competencies per station.

Your Kira Customer Success Manager will work with you to define the competencies and questions as part of the onboarding process. These dropdowns are populated with the questions and competencies assigned during that process, and are updated dynamically to reflect any changes.

For a double-length station, the selected question and competency (or competencies) will be used in both double-length stations.

We recommend that you complete all changes to assigned questions and competencies before sending out any participant email invitations. You will not need to re-send invitations if you make changes after inviting participants, but you may want to notify participants of the changes.