Types of Live Assessments

We offer several types of Live assessment to fit your needs.

Single Station

In this circuit type, reviewers meet one applicant in each station. You are able to choose the number of stations you want to include (default is 7 stations for a new circuit), and whether you want to include a double-length station. The double-length station will have two rooms, and each applicant in the circuit will visit one of them. Both double-length rooms will have the same question, but will need to have separate reviewers assigned. If you choose only one station, you will be able to assign a single applicant with a single reviewer for a 1-on-1 session, or assign multiple reviewers for a panel interview. 

Group Stations

In this circuit type, you will choose the number of stations as well as whether you want a double-length station. Additionally, you will select how many applicants you want to include in each station. The same group of applicants will meet with each reviewer.

Pairing Stations

In this circuit type, applicants will be paired with another applicant for stations one and two, and will complete the remainder of their stations un-paired. The applicant will be paired with a different partner for each of their paired stations. You will only be able to select an even number of stations in this circuit type.

Forum Sessions

This is an unrated session, commonly used for Welcome or Closing presentations. One or more presenters will connect with session participants, with up to 50 people able to participate. Presenters are able to share their screens and mute/unmute other participants. You will not set up multiple stations for this type of session.

Check here for a video walk-through of creating and editing a forum session.