Custom Rubrics & Rating Scales

What's new?

Rubrics and rating scales in Kira are now fully customizable to help you build the best criteria for your assessments.

  • Create rating scales ranging from 2-points to 20-points.
  • Create rubric titles, or use Kira's standard rubric titles (Poor, Fair, Good, Great, and Exceptional
  • Create rubric descriptions with unlimited character counts, line breaks and bullet points

What's changed for my reviewers?

Rating scales can now be found on top of your applicants' video and written responses.

The appearance of rating scales has also been updated to a sliding scale format. To view the rubric titles, descriptions, and associated score values, simply hover over the white increments on the slider, and the various rubrics will be displayed.

  • To leave your score on an applicant’s response, select a value on the rubric slider
  • To remove your score from an applicant's response, click the value on the rubric slider again
  • To change your score, simply click on a new value on the slider

How do I add custom rubrics and rating scales to my assessments?

Please contact your Client Success Manager - they can make your preferred rubric and rating scale updates for you.