Our New Applicant Experience

What's new?

It's official! The new, fully accessible applicant experience has been released for all Kira assessments.

Not only will your applicants enjoy a new, modern interface for completing assessments, we've also introduced a number of new accessibility features compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA, ADA, and AODA regulations.

What does this mean for you?

1. All video content in your Kira assessment will have closed captioning 

To meet WCAG 2.0 AA standards, all video content in the Kira platform must offer captions to applicants. We are excited to provide captioning services to our clients free of charge. 

Closed captioning work for Kira will be done through AWS Transcribe, and will be done automatically and behind the scenes. However, if you’d prefer to send us your own captioning files, we’re happy to use them.

For applicants, captions will be disabled by default in Kira. However, on all video players in the experience, applicants will be able to enable captions at any time. Once they do, video captions persist on all videos in the experience until the applicant completes their assessment, or they chose to disable them. 

2. Your branding assets are presented to applicants in a more significant way

Our new design updates put more emphasis on your logo and cover photo selections. This is a great opportunity to update your cover photo and logo in Kira with larger, higher-quality images.

To explore how your branding assets could look on the new interface, please visit our branding demo tool, or test a current assessment in your account.

If you prefer different assets to what's currently saved in Kira for your assessments, please send them to your Client Success Manager.

A sample branded landing page on Kira, showcasing a full-page cover photo

3. The design of the applicant-facing assessment has changed

Please check that your welcome video or any marketing content on your website does not reference the previous applicant experience (such as screenshots or how-to video clips). If you have used visuals of the previous applicant experience, we’re happy to provide you with updated visuals for the new experience.

What happens next?

When you're ready to create your assessments for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle, your Client Success Manager will help you ensure that:

  1. All of your videos have closed captioning
  2. Your branding and video assets have been updated, if desired 
  3. Your team is fully updated on the enhancements to the applicant experience

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Client Success Manager with any questions.