Mainland China Infrastructure


Thousands of applicants from mainland China complete Kira assessments every year. 

Unfortunately, due to strict Chinese firewalls, these applicants were required to use a remote-access VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access Kira Talent along with many other websites, including Google, Facebook, and Youtube.

With this volume of Chinese applicants using Kira, we began a two-year process to overcome this hurdle and become an approved foreign entity with the Chinese government. 

We strive to deliver the best experience for you and your applicants, and this was an important goal for us to achieve. 

What did we build?

In January 2020, Kira Talent successfully launched technical infrastructure to support applicants in mainland China, including local AWS servers in Hong Kong and Ningxia.

Impact on applicants

Applicants in mainland China will no longer need to use a remote-access VPN to complete their Kira assessment. They are automatically redirected to our platform when a Chinese IP address is detected upon accessing their Check In page. No action will need to be taken on their part - their experience will not differ from any other applicant using Kira.

Impact on admissions teams

While reviewing applicant videos, there will be no difference in your experience. Responses will be available to view and evaluate through the domain as usual.