How Do My Applicants Get Technical Support?

2019 Update

We’re excited to trial a new way of handling applicant support inquiries to make our process more helpful and efficient.

In the past, applicants went through three channels to get technical support:

  1. First, they received support from our chatbot
  2. If the problem persisted, they received support from a live chat agent who provided scripted answers to general questions, similar to the chatbot
  3. If the problem wasn't resolved, they would email our support team at Kira HQ

After an audit of our support process, we realized the live chat service was largely ineffective. Because the outsourced agents didn't have access to the back-end of Kira, they often had to re-direct applicants to our internal support team for solutions.

To address this issue, we’ve streamlined our support communications and moved everything in-house.

How will my applicants get technical support?

Applicants will now come through two channels to get the help they need:

  1. Our 24/7 chatbot found directly on the applicant's check-in page
  2. Our email support team at Kira HQ ( during business hours (EST)

Our goal with this change is to offer more personalized service and more efficient solutions for your applicants.

How will this impact me?

The short answer: It won’t! We've updated your applicant invite emails and reminder emails, and carefully replaced the words “live chat” with “support” where necessary.

However, if your website or application materials mention Kira’s live chat services, please use the following statement instead:

For technical support inquiries regarding your online assessment, please click the ‘Need help?’ button on your Check In page for Kira's FAQs and support, or email

With these changes, we’re confident that applicants will continue to receive the support they need to complete their assessments. Questions, comments, or concerns? Please feel free to email us at

When do we ask applicants to contact you?

In some cases, applicants could be asked to reach out to you for assistance beyond the technical support for Kira. Such cases include:

  • Extension/deadline inquiries
  • Requests for alternative methods of assessment
  • Application expectations (beyond the Kira assessment)
  • Application documents (beyond the Kira assessment)

Applicants are asked to check the body of their email invite for pertinent contact information or to visit your website.

Why don't we have phone support?

Aside from our chatbot, our support team is made up of friendly humans dedicated to ensuring that applicants can successfully complete their Kira assessments. Here are some reasons why we've kept support online:

  • Communicating online helps our team properly focus on and investigate issues. We can get to the bottom of things quicker without putting applicants on hold.
  • We frequently send applicants screenshots or links to articles. We might also ask applicants to send us screenshots to help us see what they are seeing.
  • We track and store all email support requests and chat transcripts. This allows one support member to quickly pick up where another left off so applicants don't have to repeat themselves. Also, with communication records, it's easier to escalate trickier technical problems to our engineers or to loop in the school/organization they're applying to.