Assessment Branding Guidelines

When you create an assessment, your Client Success Manager can help you brand the assessment's landing page and email communications. 

You'll need to provide your CSM with four branding components:

✔︎ a cover image
✔︎ a cover logo
✔︎ an assessment title
✔︎ an email logo

Use the guidelines below to make sure you're sending the correct format for each of these components:

Landing Page Branding

Cover Image

Format: .jpg or .png

Dimensions: 1500 x 1000 with a top-center focal point (contained within a centered box 960 x 640)

File size: Under 2.5MB 

Cover logo

Format: .jpg or .png

Colour: White

Background: Transparent

Dimensions: Max height: 136px, Max width: 300px. One larger dimension constrains the other. 

Assessment title

You can update the text directly on the platform as you preview or edit your assessment. Please note you’ll be restricted to 60 characters.

Email Branding

Email logo

Format: .jpg or .png

Colour: Full colour


Dimensions: Max height: 110px, Max width: 300px. One larger dimension constrains the other. 

If you need to update an old brand image or logo, just send a quick email to your CSM with the updates and they'll be able to help you make the changes!