Videography Guidelines

This article includes best practices to consider when filming your videos for the Kira Talent platform. Please feel free to call your Client Success Manager on filming day for any questions that come up. You can also connect us with your 3rd party videographer for any questions they might have during editing!

Video Questions

  • Have questions prepared on powerpoint slides for speakers to refer to
  • Inform your Client Success Manager of any changes/improvisations made to your questions during filming
  • You'll want to capture the questioner from mid-torso up
  • Please position the speaker about 4-5 ft from the camera
  • Encourage the questioner to smile for 1-2 seconds before and after speaking!
  • Film 2-3 takes of each question so the videographer can use the best take

Written Questions

  • You don’t need to film videos for your written questions!
  • If there are written questions in your Assessment Proposal, they will appear as text only, and applicants will answer via text


  • Each question/welcome/closing must be a single video file
  • Add “fade in from black” and “fade out to black” for all videos
  • Add company logo at bottom left corner (it can fade away for longer videos)
  • Add speaker name and title to bottom left corner (it can fade away for longer videos)
  • Use a naming convention for the video files such as: Competency 1, Question 1: C1-Q1; Competency 1, Question 2: C1-Q2

Video Specifications

  • Format: .mp4
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Dimensions: 720p or higher recommended
  • Video codec: H.264
  • Audio codec: AAC
  • Bitrate: 1.5mbps to 2.0mbps

Transferring Files

Send your files to your Client Success Manager using any online, cloud file transfer service, such as:,,, etc.