Student ID in Kira Registration

Our new “Student ID” feature allows applicants to input their student ID or application number as part of their Kira registration.

The Student ID field has a customizable label and description (per assessment), and is built to accept only a set amount of characters. For instance, if your specific Applicant IDs have 10 digits, applicants will be prompted to input 10 digits, and cannot continue if their input is shorter or longer than 10. We can also restrict the input to only digits (0-9), or enable applicants to input alphabetical characters as well (a-z).

On the admissions team’s end, these IDs are available in the Applicant Details CSV and correspond to a particular applicant.

In the future, we plan to show this value on the applicant Review Pages in Kira and hope to allow admissions teams to search the Kira platform for the Applicant ID as well.

If you’re interested in turning on this feature for your assessment, please contact our Client Success team at